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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


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Meditation 10:45 AM | Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

JANUARY THEME: Living Everyday Wonder

Spiritual living doesn’t just happen on the meditation cushion or on Sunday mornings. 

Spiritual living is a way of life that happens every moment of every day. 

It is applying spiritual tools and principles to every area of our lives on a regular and consistent basis – a daily basis. 

When we do so, life flows easier, choices are clearer, and seeming miracles are everyday occurrences. 

There is wonder in every day just waiting for us to live it!


Sunday, January 2nd

Joe Kovach, RScP

“Living Everyday Wonder”

“We are involved in a life that passes understanding and our highest business is our daily life.” – John Cage

It is in our daily life that we encounter the Divine. The Wonder of Spirit is everywhere. 

We can’t escape it because we are inseparable from it. It is our truest essence. 

When we become conscious of It and live in our awareness of It, our daily experiences become opportunities 

for transformation and for our individual and collective evolution.


Sunday, January 9th

Rev. Valerie Reeves

“Wonder Wonder Everywhere”

"Oh, to be alive in such an age when miracles are everywhere and every inch of common air 

throbs a tremendous prophecy of greater marvels yet to be." – Angela Morgan

Wonder is everywhere present just waiting for us to awaken to It. It is in the car we drive, the home we live 

in, the neighbor’s dog, the traffic light, and the people we meet. We encounter wonders every minute of every day. 

We live in a Wonderland that invites us to marvel at and experience Its magnificence and Its Love.


Sunday, January 16th

Eugene Holden, RScP

“Embrace the Now”

Awareness and appreciation of wonder can only happen in the Now. In fact, everything happens in the Now for there is no other moment. 

Author Mary O’Malley defines curiosity as the art of bringing our attention and our immediate experience together. 

In being curious in this way, by being present in wonder, we are transformed by coming into alignment with Life. 


Sunday, January 23rd

Jeffon Seely

“Question Everything"

What’s in a question? The answer is found within the question itself. Curiosity. Clarity. Knowledge. Desires. Wants. Needs. Information. 

Suggestions. Questions open us to possibilities. And sacred inquiry? Well, that is a life-changer. 


Sunday, January 30th

Rev. Savannna Noelle

“Prove It!"

Our organization is called Centers for Spiritual Living, not Centers for Spiritual Navel-gazing. 

Living requires active participation, application, and practice. Life is an experience that must be experienced! 

Here at CSL, we practice Religious Science. Science asks that we prove principles. So, let’s prove it, shall we?!