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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


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Meditation 10:45 AM | Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

OCTOBER THEME: Going Further Together

An African proverb reminds that “alone we can go faster, together we can go further.” 

As we near the end of our journey, we keep in mind the community that has brought us here. 

Together as Centers for Spiritual Living, we work in harmony with one another, other faiths, and other peoples to envision a continually expanding world. 

We dig into these truths for the final push of this climb.


Sunday, October 3rd

Joe Kovach, RScP

“The Divine Community”

In Divine Community, we honor in one another the confidence and courage to release all that no longer supports our journey. 

 In the space where I am me and you are you, there is a beautiful evolution that nudges us forward and pushes us beyond this moment 

into a new space of being, a more profound expression of the One Loving Source. 

Our Divine community is fueled and supported by the acceptance of new thoughts and ways of being. 

 Home is where we belong, and when we are at the center of this communion of love, all of us are blessed and fulfilled.  


Sunday, October 10th

Rev. Valerie Reeves

“Share the Dream”

Ernest Holmes said we are “open at the top” with space for both dream and vision. 

This means we know fantasies can become reality, when we choose to step into the void. 

It’s easy to forget and take for granted in that whatever good we have already created in our lives, 

Life is asking us to deliver something greater still. Too often we mistrust our “in-spiration” from God, entertaining both doubt and worry about what others may think. 

When we put Spirit first, and step into leading from there, we take positive action in our communities and create something truly evolutionary!


Sunday, October 17th

Anita Schoeff, RScP

“We > Me: Going Further Together”

Active compassion is the practice of joining personal responsibility with social conscience for the good of all. 

Forgiveness is a way to practice compassion. Releasing hurts and judgments allows us to see the Universal Spirit in everyone. 

Learning about and fully embracing people from many cultures and walks of life helps us to be a better spiritual and global community. 

 Engaging our spiritual practices of listening, openness, forgiveness, surrender, faith, and trust all lend themselves to going further together in community. 

 Deep spiritual practice will help develop greater open communication, honesty, sincerity, and integrity individually and communally.


Sunday, October 24th

Denise Rosier

“Dig Deep”/"Crossing Your Niagra Falls"

Denise takes us on a journey with the first man to cross the Niagara falls in a lesson on living courageous lives. 

We are all “perfect and whole” spiritual beings and expressions of the Divine. This is our True Nature and, as it is true for ourselves, it is true for all people. 

When we attune ourselves to our spiritual magnificence, we are free to effectively serve ourselves and the world. 

We use spiritual tools to deepen our political, social, and spiritual consciousness. We join our sisters and brothers in actions that make our lives free from discord. 

Through expanding our interconnectedness, we envision and enact a world that “lasts through the boundless realms of eternity”.


Sunday, October 31st

David LeMaster, RScP

“I'll Meet You There”

As we spiral through this year, allowing Ancient Wisdom to express as Evolutionary vision through us, we take a moment to look back at our spiral journey. 

We began at the end of January with Looking Above, committing to our upward journey. 

A quarter later, at the end of May, we looked at Boldly Living a New Story, letting go of old stories – individual and collective - that slow our evolution. 

This week, on the third level of this spiral, we rise to a meeting point “out beyond”, a place where we can meet as evolutionary visionaries.