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Sunday, August 2nd.         Joe Kovach, RScP          Let's Get Together and Feel Alright       

Our central principle of Oneness calls us together in a state of diversity and how the fact of Inclusion helps us live out this Oneness. Oneness does not equal sameness. Unity does not mean uniformity. Divine Intelligence, the source of all that is; manifests Itself in, though, and as each diverse form and individualization of Itself empowering expressions of imagination and creative power. We are immersed in the Divine, the Divine is Inclusive of Diversity, the confirmation of which is self-evident. We naturally are inclusive, when we are recognizing diversity around us. Though we each have preferences, we are unified in One Source and therefore inclusion is the essence of who we are.

Music: Cheryl Barlow 

Sunday, August 9th          Elisha Christopher RScP        Who are we?

We are emanations of the Divine. Each of us are unique and at the same time unified through various experiences, identities, and the mere fact that we are alive. When we are clear about who we are: our various giftings, experiences, identities, we can more fully show up and allow others to more fully show up as the emanations of God that they are. We can know God more deeply and reveal an experience of Inclusion in our lives and communities when we have good self-awareness and awareness of others. 

Music: Cheryl Barlow

Sunday, August 16th          Anita Schoeff, RScP           Color Blind or Color Full?

Can you imagine looking at a beautiful garden that has flowers with many different colors, textures and heights, but not being able to see the variations in color because you are color blind? That’s the way it is with people if one embraces the idea of color blindness. You don’t see the other person’s differences or the nuances that make them uniquely them. Though the idea of color blindness might be considered as an inclusive and noble one-- imbued with positive intentions, the impact of color blindness is that you don’t truly see the person for who they really are. Religious Science teaches that each person is a unique expression of God created with sacred worth. Living from that awareness has the potential to transform our lives and the world. Color blindness is antithetical to this idea.

Music: Cheryl Barlow

Sunday, August 23rd           Rev Hannah Rothlin           Better Together

Inclusion is the basis of all that there is. There is but one God, but one mind, but one spirit, and but one power. When I embody myself in my thoughts selfishly, I am separating myself from that which I think would be my good. You may think this is a very subtle thing and could not be the reason for so much trouble. It is the foundation of most of our troubles. I am unconsciously separating myself from my good.

Music: Cheryl Barlow

Sunday, August 30th             Rev Julie Lobato             We Are…

We know that what we deeply believe and what we claim for ourselves, for our communities, and for the world has impact. We are part of bringing form into being. We are co-creators and that is a tremendous gift and a tremendous responsibility. When we align with Spirit we can bring true healing and transformation to bear in the world. We can build inclusive communities, regions and countries. This is a powerful week for proclaiming a statement of community faith that affirms identity, diversity, & the beloved nature of inclusion. We claim this for ourselves, for our community, and for the world. We know this statement of community is claiming us too and it will call us back to it again & again. 

Music: Allen Stanley

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