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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


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    Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

2023 Theme is Living Out Loud


January’s Theme is: Root & Reboot

We begin the year with an examination of the fundamental principles of Science of Mind, heavily informed by the companion book Living the Science of Mind. This month we focus on the universality of this teaching, with an emphasis on the truth that we are not only of Spirit, but also in Spirit. As we remember our Divine Essence, we take our rightful place by taking personal responsibility for our actions, while extending generosity and compassion to others. We deepen our practice for the benefit and enrichment of the whole of humanity, this earth's creatures, and the Earth itself.


January 1st

Weekly Topic Title: God is a Concept

There is only One God / Supreme Good, and that Good is my life right now. When we think of God as a concept (to borrow John Lennon’s famous words), we free ourselves from the yoke of human religious history. Instead of God being “out there”, God as a concept (or as Holmes liked to say, an “It”) in our world, allows us to consider God as a creative force in our lives. It is the essence of who we are, and it is a universal principle that exists in and through all people throughout all time.

January 8th

Weekly Topic Title: The Universal Voice

As God is, so I am. This is one of the fundamental truths of our teaching. Each one of us is divinely connected to that One Source – that one Divine Intelligence. Traditionally, our teaching has focused on the power of the individual. This has led some to criticize us as being self-centered and unconcerned with our neighbors. Holmes spoke very clearly that as I am, so we all are. Our goal is to realize not only our own individual power, but to see and work in concert with that same Power that exists in and through all souls we meet.

January 15th

Weekly Topic Title: The Internal Song

People often talk of old tapes that run through their minds. Perhaps it’s the voice of a parent or teacher, who was trying to guide you in your youth, however unskillfully. This voice can later become internalized as a beating drum that undermines our choice to grow and to experience a more fulfilling life. Spiritual Mind Treatment, a key practice in Religious Science, counters and even silences this ego voice by replacing these tapes with affirmative prayer that supports the individual. Through ongoing practice, we begin to hear more clearly the internal song that continuously plays with and for us.

January 22nd

Weekly Topic Title: Singing with Gratitude

Guest Speaker: Rev. Patrick Harbula

Gratitude is one of the most fundamental spiritual practices in our teaching. After all, if God is all there is, then doesn’t it make sense to say thank you on a regular basis? This past holiday season, many people had an opportunity to say thank you – to gifts, to kindnesses, to shared food, shared talents, even shared treasure. There’s a lot caught up in gratitude – we may feel we aren’t being grateful enough. We may have judgment about other people’s level of gratitude. And it may be hard to create an overall feeling of gratitude in our daily lives. Let’s take a deep look at this practice – and how it fits into our understanding of affirmative prayer.

January 29th

Weekly Topic Title: Celebrating Life As Source

CSLSG Practitioner Team

We have spent this month reminding ourselves of who we are, through the basics of Science of Mind. Today is our final step – and it’s the most important one of all. We prepare ourselves to surrender into our life – and into this year. What if we were to surrender to Spirit/Source Itself entirely? This is what it takes to Live Out Loud! When we surrender our falsehoods, our fears, and our doubt, we free ourselves to live out loud in celebration. Every day becomes a day to celebrate the simplicity and the beauty of life itself.