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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


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Meditation 10:45 AM | Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

2022 Theme is Living Everyday Wonder

July's focus is: Relationships

There is only God. The way we relate to ourselves, one another, the world, and with The Universal Power are all interconnected and inseparable. 

We cannot claim to love God while hating ourselves. We cannot declare that it is a Just and Equitable Universe while treating others 

(people, animals, the Earth) unjustly and inequitably. This month is the invitation to anchor in the Spiritual Practice of Engaged Relationships 

and actively revel in the wonder of how each relationship is ultimately a relationship of Spirit with ItSelf.


Sunday, July 3rd


Me, Myself and I

This week our focus is the relationship we have with ourselves. How we treat ourselves offers us greater insight into how we treat others, 

how we want others to treat us. We are invited to deepen our practice of Self-Care as a Spiritual Practice and way of life.


Sunday, July 10th

Your and I, are We

This week our focus is the relationship we have with our friends, family, and community. This includes those we know personally 

as well as those we refer to as “strangers.” How we relate to each “stranger” we encounter through a nod, a wave, our eye contact, is an opportunity 

to make connections, to build community. Even when we may never see them again, by our paths crossing, our lives and theirs have been changed 

and how we approach these encounters reveals more about us than it does them. What may begin as wondering about another shifts to being 

in wonder and awe about just how wonderful it is to be in relationship with another, even if it lasted just long enough to hold the door open for them. 

To reword the quote by William J. Toms ― “Be careful how you live and show up. 

You may be the only SOM verse or affirmation that some person ever reads and experiences.” 


Sunday, July 17th

You and Me Create Society

This week our focus is the relationship we have with the society in which we live while recognizing there are many nuances and intersections 

to what these relationships mean, how they are formed, and how they influence not only those within that particular society but how they affect 

the global society. We are invited to look at and look for the ways we can engage society to nurture and embolden healthier, compassionate, equitable, 

and loving relationships for all people.


Sunday, July 24th

We Are StartStuff

This month we are exploring our relationship with nature. The aspect of nature that includes rocks, soil, plants, waters, and animals of the Earth, 

as well as the ways in which we are part of nature. If we see nature as that which is “out there,” we treat it no differently as when we “other” someone 

by seeing them as separate and different from us. We are intimately affected by all aspects of nature but are we consciously in loving relationship with it?


Sunday, July 31st

The One And Only

God is all there is. There is nothing that can exist outside of God since there is no outside of God! Which means everything and everyone 

no matter the external, dualistic appearance is intimately and wonderfully demonstrating a relationship with Spirit. 

This relationship is either discordant or harmonious by our choosing. 

Today, let us reassess how we will choose to show up in this loving and wonderful relationship.