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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


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Meditation 10:45 AM | Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

2022 Theme is Living Everyday Wonder

October’s focus is: Finances

Finances can be an area of immense joy and immense struggle. This month we will begin with an awareness of the Infinite Source 

from which all flows, then follow that flow through the human experience, both personally for the individual, then out into the world.


October 2nd

Weekly Topic Title: Swimming in the Infinite Ocean

We begin at the Beginning – Infinite Source. We look at the abundant nature of the Universe, everywhere and always fully present, 

and the sacredness of Wealth. We expand our idea of how big “Big” really is.


October 9th

Weekly Topic Title: Let It Flow

Guest Speaker: Stef Swink, RScP

We live in a Universe of infinite abundance of every form of wealth – love, health, financial freedom, creativity and more. 

And many are starving. The infinite flowing reservoir is always available, but we only let a trickle through. 

Our consciousness is filled with rules, with beliefs of lack and limitation, and self loathing and devaluing. 

These rules and beliefs choke the flow of the Infinite Good down to a mere trickle. 

Our work is to get our foot off the hose and let the natural Abundance of the Universe flow in our lives.

October 16th

Weekly Topic Title: Playing with Money

Today we’re talking about money. Raymond Charles Barker describes money as “God’s idea of circulation and activity in my world.” 

We apply our year long theme – Everyday Wonder – to this topic which often has an emotional charge for us

 – especially in a spiritual center. To allow God’s circulation, in the form of money, to happen in our life, we must love money 

– not in a fear-based, hoarding, clinging way- but as we love all of God. We must release old beliefs and stories that have hampered this flow. Money is as spiritual as everything else. Like everything else, it is an effect that shows up as the cause of our consciousness directs it to.

October 23rd

Weekly Topic Title: Money, So They Say…

So much of our trauma around money is based in myths and old, stinkin’ thinkin’, and false beliefs.

 Let’s apply Everyday Wonder and compassionate curiosity to those beliefs and set ourselves free!

October 30th

Weekly Topic Title: Share It, Fair It, DO Take a Slice of My Pie

Speaking Today: CSLSG Practitioner Team

Like all of Life, money is a flow. “The financial system consists of the flows of capital that take place between individuals 

(personal finance), governments (public finance), and businesses (corporate finance). 

‘Finance’ thus studies the process of channeling money from savers and investors to entities that need it.” (Wikipedia, “Finance”) 

So, Everyday Wonder about finances is learning about the flow and how we can participate in a healthy way. 

Today, we examine this flow and how it operates in our lives.