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An open, loving, inclusive

spiritual community welcomes you!



Center for Spiritual Living St. George is seeking a new senior minister!

St. George is a top Utah destination with its incredibly mild climate and close proximity to not one but five beautiful National Parks. It boasts several award-winning golf courses, many parks and recreation areas, as well as over 65 miles of urban trail system. It is home to numerous festivals and art shows, concerts and theater productions, in addition to hosting various national sporting events. All of this in a city with a population of only 90,000, and a metropolitan area of around 172,000.

Center for Spiritual Living St. George welcomes diversity and is as spectacular as its surrounding area. Founded in 2011 we have been an integral part of our community holding weekly Sunday service, offering classes and workshops, and sponsoring special events. We have a dedicated leadership team that includes six tenured Core Council members, five licensed practitioners, a staff music leader and regular volunteers. We welcome you to join our online Sunday service, which is live-streamed on our Facebook page at 11am MST. 

For a lively visual introduction to this Center, 

please watch our video HERE

If you are interested in more information about this posting for a new Senior Minister or to apply, please login to CSL's OurCommunity or contact Rev. Julie Lobato at [email protected]. Current Unity Ministers who wish to apply, please contact Rev. Julie.


Music Leader, Webmaster

Cheryl Barlow is a singer/ songwriter who loves creative collaboration, powerful lyrics, and charismatic harmonies. In a review by the Salt Lake Exchange she was described as having a "resonant honey drenched voice" and songs that "smack... of real-life verve." She has played with various bands in numerous venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and Salt Lake City, including having the thrill of playing at the Sundance Film Festival and the honor of singing the National Anthem at a sold-out Utah Jazz playoff game. 

Cheryl began her journey as a spiritual musician by leading the music for a single mother’s outreach group mentored by Max & Denalyn Lucado at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. Soon after she moved to St. George she was hired as the Worship Director for a non-denominational Christian church, which was a profound experience. She discovered Science of Mind teachings in 2015 and they resounded beautifully with her own beliefs! She started taking online classes and very quickly began writing related songs. Cheryl connected with a local CSL outreach ministry, New Thought Nature Ministries, playing music at events & workshops and at CSLSG when they hosted service once a month. Now, as our full time music leader she also manages our sound tech team and outside of service, Cheryl works as our webmaster and assists with our Facebook presence. She is delighted to be a part of such a spectacular community.


Religious Science Practitioner

A Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Religious Science Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding of the spiritual nature of Life; a deep and personal relationship with the Divine is prominent. The Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is trained in the study of the Science of Mind, and in the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others and sacred service, licensed to practice professionally, and bound by a high code of ethics while providing a safe and confidential space for clients.


Kelly was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has an eclectic spiritual foundation, including her official Catholic family with the experiences of a Baptist Church, Jewish traditions, Course in Miracles work, and metaphysical traditions through Science of Mind. 

When Kelly started looking for her own path, she was guided to Science of Mind, as it takes the best and True parts of all faith traditions and blends them into a teaching of Oneness. She became a licensed Practitioner in 2012 and is honored to have served at CSL Greater Las Vegas, and now at CSLSG. 

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband Paul and two fur family members. They have a health and wellness practice, blending the mysteries of the alternative/holistic aspects of well-being with the diagnostic brilliance of western medicine.

She loves learning about belief systems, how to help release the restrictive aspects to enjoy a greater life of Freedom and Grace. She has her own world, Kellyland, where anything is possible. In addition, she loves reading, and is learning to belly dance.


Mary's Science of Mind journey began in 1990 when she was invited to a gathering of Religious Science in Las Vegas, Nevada. As she listened to the minister's talk she was mesmerized by the statement, "We don't do sin here; we believe it is behavior that needs to change." She realized that her life was about to be transformed. 

She immediately began taking a few courses to investigate this "new" philosophy and found a release that truly resonated with her. Mary continued to incorporate these principles into her life by attending a Women's Retreat in Zion that was sponsored by the Las Vegas church. 

In the mid 1990's she met Rev. Hannah Rothlin, and many other like-minded people, at Asilomar in Monterey, California. At the Las Vegas Women's Retreat in 2009 she listened to the small voice within saying "it's time" and knew that "It" meant she was to begin the four-year journey to become a licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

She received her Practitioner license in July 2014 and shortly thereafter she affiliated with Rev. Hannah and New Thought Nature Ministries. She Affiliated with Center For Spiritual Living, St. George March 2018. Her deep love of Nature and the God Presence expressing everywhere propels her to continue finding God in all things. Mary is married for over 28 years to Wayne Miller and lives in Washington City, UT.


Chris is a native Floridian who moved to St. George in 2004 from Rockland County NY and brought with him 20 years of SOM study, training and insight. His journey began when he became a volunteer to help HIV clients prepare for end of life. That subsequently led him to the late Louise Hay’s teaching and the Church of Religious Science in Huntington Beach. After a move across country to St George, he quickly discovered a serious need within the LGBTQ+ community. He became a spokesperson and a voice for the gay community, while working closely with the local activists and allies along with the ACLU, Lambda Legal and other organizations.

The next step in his calling was to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, attending the 2-year training in Las Vegas. Later, after the founding of the St. George Center, Chris helped establish Launching Pad St. George with a group of young CSL adults from Berkeley. After the group moved to Oregon, Chris paused his Practitioner duties, stepped back and did a lot of soul searching, asking the Universe “What's Next?” He is currently waiting for the answer as he serves at CSL St. George and is open to the next step of life... or as Joseph Campbell calls it the Hero's Journey.


Anita first began exploring the Science of Mind teachings in 2002. She and her husband relocated from Chicago to Salt Lake City in 1991 to fulfill a long-time dream of living near the mountains. After several years absence from any church, Anita felt the nudge to find a spiritual community again. By the end of the first CSL service she attend she found her new spiritual home. Anita became a Licensed Practitioner in 2014 and feels very privileged to serve as a practitioner in both the St. George and Salt Lake City CSLs. 

Anita and her husband recently came to the St. George area, stepping into what she calls a grand adventure. They have 2 children, 4 cherished grandchildren, and one pampered pooch. Happily retired from a long career in nursing, Anita enjoys reading, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, boating, and bargain shopping. She holds a deep appreciation of the Science of Mind teachings as a practical, logical, useful approach to creating a fulfilling life. She loves the inclusive and expansive philosophy that views life as a journey of self-discovery — a “grand adventure,” for sure.


Starr recently moved back to the mainland from Kaua’i Hawaii. After traveling some, she decided to stay in beautiful St. George, UT. She and her daughter Desirae Lovell formed their business to bring their Aloha here. 

When Starr first discovered Science of Mind in 2014 it opened a focus in her that she didn't have before. Ernest Holmes wrote, “To concentrate means to bring to center, and in Mental Science it means focusing the mental attention on some definite and desired thought, image, idea as though thoughts were things.”

For Starr, that meant she had to train her mind and and it helped her create a spiritual practice that was more direct to Source than anything she had before. She is so grateful there are courses available to rein in and hone her thought of, “I Am One” and “There is only One Mind”. The direct experiences along the way, her ah-ha moments, have been amazing.

Starr is an elevator for people’s lives, a transducer of unhappiness back to joy over time. Her mission is being a civilization upgrader, a revealer of good news to the rest of her, (you!). All of life has your back and she can facilitate you deeper into that realization. She has studied many levels of consciousness and her conclusions are, you are already aware, already enlightened and most of all you lack nothing. She knows this about you because she first found out that she is all those things. Starr is a certified Religious Science practitioner and is here to serve you. She is a Spirit Coach and her website is 



Reverend Josie De Los Santos

Founding Minister (2011)

Famous New Thought Leaders

Ernest Holmes

An American New Thought writer, teacher, and leader. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

essayist, lecturer, and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century.

Eckhart Tolle

Best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose.

Dr. Rev. Michael


New Thought minister, author, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California. 

Byron Katie

Speaker and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as simply as "The Work"

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Philosopher, self-help author, and a motivational speaker.

Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages.

~ Ernest Holmes