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We are an open, loving and inclusive community 

that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. 


Tuesdays, beginning March 9th, 6-7pm (MST)

The Untethered Soul: the journey beyond yourself

“This above all: to thine own self be true…” ~ W. Shakespeare

“…to which self are we to be true? Is it the one that shows up when we’re in a bad mood, or the one that is present when we feel humbled by our mistakes? Is it the one who speaks from the dark recesses of the heart when we’re depressed or upset, or the one that appears during those fleeting moments when life seems so fanciful and light?” ~ Michael A. Singer

The CSLSG Book Group will be taking a journey of SELF exploration. We will be guided to turn to a “single source that has phenomenal knowledge on the subject”…YOU. The Untethered Soul is a book that mirrors your SELF from different angles. 

 Join us starting Tuesday, March 9 at 6-7 pm on Zoom for a lively and insightful discussion on your journey of self-realization. Contact Sue Fullmer if you are interested, [email protected]