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An open, loving, inclusive

spiritual community welcomes you!


The Center for Spiritual Living St. George (CSLSG) is an open, loving and inclusive community that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life.


The vision of the Center for Spiritual Living St. George is to awaken our community to its Divine Nature to the greatest expression of who we are.


The mission of Centers for Spiritual Living is to provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

Core Values:

Love - Freedom - Participation - Enthusiasm - Acceptance

- Contribution - Cooperation - Humor

As an official chapter of the international organization, Centers for Spiritual Living, CSLSG is a spiritual community that is guided by the principles of Science of Mind founder and New Thought pioneer, Ernest Holmes.

Our teachings incorporate the ancient wisdom of all the spiritual traditions through the ages and blends both faith and science to create a positive and meaningful life. No matter what your spiritual or religious background, you will find affirmation and support here.

Each member is encouraged to embrace his or her own spiritual identity and journey while participating in a caring, supportive and fun community.

We welcome all!

We Believe...

* We support positive transformation of both our personal lives and the world itself. When we are deeply connected with Spirit, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and bring more peace and harmony to the world.

*We believe that the universe is spiritual and has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order. Our beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and we honor all paths to God.

* We believe that God is a Loving Intelligence, operating in and through all life, never separate from anyone or anything. We come to understand our oneness with this indwelling Divine Presence.

* Centers for Spiritual Living teaches a New Thought philosophy that incorporates spiritual tools to help you lead a spiritual life, think positively, and love to transform your personal life and make the world a more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous place.

* The New Thought tradition dates to the 1880's and has a legacy that includes Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Phineas Quimby, and Walt Whitman, and many others.